Has this ever happend to you?

Ya know what is sad? When someone frustrates you to the point where you have to drug yourself to go to sleep. That’s right, folks! You would think that the person you are seeing would want you to be happy, would listen to you, would compliment you, would follow one simple request…But no, the same crapola over and over again! And as an intelligent woman, I have this need to understand why someone could be so perverse and inconsiderate. So I analyze and get into my head to the point where I just have to put myself to bed! Thank GOD for Xanax!!

But awake and sober, I now see, really I am the perverse one. I allowed someone else to affect my moods and my thoughts. Never again will I give up that power.

The power is in your brain, you can make yourself happy or make yourself insane!

I choose happiness, I choose dignity, I choose ME!

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