The recipe for success


According to Buddhism, life is suffering. We are all suffering. And the reason we are all suffering is because we are constantly looking for outside things to make us happy. We abuse drugs, we shop too much, we overindulge in food, we seek approval from our parents, lovers, friends, coworkers, we even equate happiness with another human being “loving” or accepting us.

Here’s the secret….Everything you need to be happy is within you. Autonomy, self esteem, healthy naricissim….that’s the magic wand.

Now this may seem like an easy feat, “Hey, I will just love myself and then I will be happy.” It is really rather difficult. See we live in a world of hustlers and porn, you just can’t get sucked in, you can’t feel their scorn. Society and the media bombards us with the tools for self loathing.

But the real devil is inside ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. But one can remove the chains from around their neck and free themselves from the lust of result.

This girl is tired of being frustrated. I am tired of being dissapointed. And most of all I am really just sick and tired of hearing anyone else’s opinion about who I am or who they think I am. This is me, I am who I am. I am NYC Barbie, here in all of my splendor. I am PERFECT right here, right now.

And now I am on mission. I am going to fall madly in love with myself…over and over and over again. And after that, I am going to fall in love with myself again!

Now I am sure I am going to get alot of flack for this post…I mean a girl should really be modest and humble, with insecurities and she should be aware of her flaws….Sorry Charlie, I decided that I like my flaws. My flaws make me perfect!!! Yay for me!

So this is my journey, my path to happiness….Wish me Luck!

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