The Taming of the Shrew

According to Freud, men are fascinated by a narrccissistic woman. It brings them back to their childhood. You see, as children, we are only concerned with making ourselves happy. As we grow up we are bombarded with society’s rules and standards. No longer are we fully autonomous. We are taught fear, guilt and shame. A narccisistic woman is devoid of these feelings, or so it appears to seem. She is self sufficient, self loving and does not need another’s approval. This is highly seductive.

Men love a “bitch”. I am not talking about a mean, raging , pms driven lunatic. I am refering to a woman who is kind, but self sufficient and not a pushover. A real man desires a self sufficient woman. In fact, behind every good man is a good woman. Look at highly successful men, they don’t have loser wives. Usually their wives are educated, dignified, intelligent and attractive.

What a dream! A perfect Barbie doll woman…It would be so sweet to possess her. It would be so lovely to have her attention and even her affection. But that is NOT the case. Men see this woman that they desire so much and they want to CRUSH her perfect little world. They love the challenge. They want to be the one to make her feel and make her need a man. Men have the desire to tame the Shrew! And they will try and try and try to break her down and frustrate her until she is depleted. And game over….right?

Of course not…because as soon as she picks herself back up and puts the pieces back together the cycle starts right over. Whether it”s the same guy or a new one, the challenge is the same , and the game continues…..

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