Things men do to manipulate women

Men are just as insecure as women, sometimes even more. Some men are master manipulaters and have the ability to transfer their own insecurities onto their woman. the following is a list of things men do to manipulate or purposely annoy women:

1. They point out your flaws.

A real man makes his woman feel like she is “the only girl in the world.” He showers her with compliments. He wants her to feel special. A woman can never get enough compliments, ya know.

A real Scumbag will make it a point to let you know what he perceives to be flaws. Sometimes he will be obvious, but more often it will be subtle. For example, my latest beau knew I was working towards perfecting my booty at the gym. I told him I wanted a “bigger butt”. Yet he proceeded to say, “No baby, you need to make it smaller and tighter.” WRONG ANSWER, jerk off!!! The right answer is, “Aw, sweetie your body is beautiful as it is, you have such a sexy behind, but if you feel like you want to workout more because it will make you healthier, I support that.”

See the difference…..

2. Men will check out and make comments about other women

They want to see your response. If you look upset or make a nasty comment they will think you are in love with them and use this trick to make you jealous or piss you off.  Next time your beau pulls a stunt like that, master the art of a poker face. No response= Game over.

3. They will act hot and cold

Author Sherry Argov notes that when a man is acting hot he is manipulating you, when he is cold, that is the real him. Most women match coolness by giving more love, more warmth. As I said before, master the poker face. I know women are nurturers but you are not your boyfriend’s mother, if he’s acting like a cold jerk, a nice hard, swift kick in the ass will suffice.

4. They will stop courting you, they will pull back

I see this happen all the time. I can predict when it’s going to happen too. Men are so predictable. It happens when things are going perfect, when you finally let your guard down, when your man opens up to you, you can feel his intensity and passion and BAM (thank you, Emeril) he pulls the emotional plug. What a MEAN picece of ughhh….!!!

Word to the wise: Don’t let your guard down. Learn the art of detachment.

If he stops calling, DO NOT CALL. Let a man chase you again. Men are hunters. Do not let your man become lazy.

A good woman deserves the ongoing courtship. She deserves pleasure, presents, attention, adoration and admiration! And a smart woman knows the way to entice her man to chase  her again  is to run away (emotionally, that is)!

Detachment is  not a simple task. It can be very difficult to detach, especially if you are in love or in lust with your man. True detachment cannot be faked. It’s in the core of you. You are withdrawing your emotions…kinda like your man just did…Awe, there we go…Monkey See, Monkey Do!

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