Detachment and the Religion of Love

“It is so unfair to make yourself constantly not care, Act cool, Act coy, punish and deploy, tactics from a book so you will get a second look…”

Detachment. The art of not caring. The core of aloofness.

Why must we detach?

At first I thought detachment meant to act uncaring and cold, but now I realize its value in life and in relationships.

Love is Life and Life is Love. But true Love, unassuaged and pure is love without attachment.

For one must Love and enjoy the qualities we admire and want to attract from another. And to receive love, we must pay it forward and give love.

But one must understand what not giving love looks like. When you criticize, nag, blame complain or try to change another person, you are not giving love.

You don’t have to love everything about a person, just focus on the qualities you admire to attract more and detach yourself from the qualities you like less.

When you detach yourself from something you are removing your feelings. If you don’t feel one way or the other, it does not matter. Listen, everyone has flaws. Or shall I say, you may not like everything about another person. But why focus on the negative? If we focus on the negtive we attract more negative into our lives.

It is easy to be nice, it is easy to give love. What is hard is to make yourself stop caring. Although, I would love to master apathy, but it doesn’t feel good.

I prefer not to shut myself off like a faucet. I want to think, I want to feel, I want to love and I want to be loved. So not only am I going to fall in love with myself, I am going to love and cherish each and everyone that comes into my life…whether they like it or not.

So dear suitors that run away from pure love, I pity you. For Love is the life force of the Universe and Love is my Religion!!!

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